60L L-ring drums

The 60L L-ring drum is specially designed for the packaging of liquids and easily pourable dry substances. The drum is made of robust and sturdy HDPE, which also ensures corrosion-free packaging. The independent UN certification is a guarantee of safety and long-term ease of use.

The drum has integrated handles on its side making it easy to move around and to transport. The drum is also characterised by an ingeniously designed pouring surface ensuring that it can be emptied easily to the last drop. The L-ring top side is designed for simple lifting with a fork-lift truck and is also ideal for stable rolling of the drum. The drum is stackable and can be fitted with your company name, company logo or other text. The two openings in the drum ensure optimal usability and swift filling options and by default it is fitted with a cap. Alternatively, a cap with spigot can be mounted in the filling opening.

When exporting, this drum has a clear residual value for the end user because of the reuse options.