For over 30 years, H. Jagtenberg Plastics B.V. has been supplying to culinary companies that fill our Jerrycans with nutrients. Besides having implemented the standard for food production, BRC has also implemented a standard for manufacturers of packaging materials for food, which is the BRC. The BRC-Packaging stands for British Retail Consortium. The BRC-Packaging standard was created based on known principles, standards and norms which are applied for the evaluation of suppliers, and focuses on the production of packaging materials.

The standard consists of an evaluation checklist (specifying the intention and the requirements) and an evaluation protocol. Requirements are specified in the following areas:

  • Commitment management
  • Hazard and risk management
  • Product safety an Quality management
  • Productstandards
  • Product- en Proces control
  • Staff

The BRC Global Standard Issue 5 packaging and packaging materials applies to manufacturers of packaging materials for the food industry. Since April 2012, H. Jagtenberg Plastics B.V. is BRC certified and therefore a perfect partner for the production of packaging materials for culinary companies.