Acquisition H. Jagtenberg Plastics BV by the RPC Group


Our continuous ambition to grow, to develop and to improve our quality, has meant that we have critically scrutinised our various strategic possibilities.

The various changes in the plastics market and the need to guarantee the continuity and health of our organisation Jagtenberg Management, including Henk Jagtenberg Plastics BV, Jagtenberg Packaging BV, Jagtenberg Plastics GmbH and Robinplast bvba, have made us decide not to continue independently. As a result of this decision and following a long and thorough preparation, we are happy to inform you that with effect from today we are part of the RPC Group.


Although this decision wasn’t easy we believe that the RPC Group is an organisation that suits us. For decades RPC Group specialises in the production of plastic products and is a leader in product design and product development.

This takeover does not entail any changes for our customers or suppliers and our collaboration remains as is: under the same name and with the same data.
Obviously, shortly within the RPC Group we will start using the possibilities to optimise our knowledge, know-how and capacity. In addition, the previously communicated organisational developments in June will be taking place.


Something that will be changing is the presence of Mr Jagtenberg. For more than a year Mr Jagtenberg has been more and more active in the background, fulfilling an advisory role and being involved less in the daily operation. The takeover by the RPC Group means that Mr Jagtenberg will shortly retire fully.


We are convinced that the takeover guarantees our continuity and ambitions. We are therefore looking forward to the future that is ahead of us whereby we can be of even better service to every party involved by using the new expertise. On behalf of our team and our new owner, the RPC Group, we look forward to the continuation of our pleasant and enduring relationship.


Available from 17th June 2016  >  20L jerrycan HW16 air-vent

Capacity (ml): 20000                                         

Topfill (ml) 2280

Dimensions (LxWxH): 399x 232 x 336              

Weight (gr):1050            

Neck size: D61 / 28                                           

UN approved : some available

Max. label area (WxH): 275 x 215                     

Visibility line: Yes

No. per euro pallet (pc): 80                                

Type: HW16

Pre-orders can be sent to


17-02-2016  Jagtenberg Plastics obtains the A status for BRC-IoP for the fifth time.

On Wednesday the 17th of February 2016 the re-inspection audit for BRC-IoP has taken place.  For this inspection, of which the standard was stricter than previous years, we have again achieved the A-status! Obvious a result for which everyone in the complete organization has worked very hard and where we are all together very proud.

H. Jagtenberg Plastics B.V. has been producing packaging for many decades, including packaging for the food processing industry. 

With this extension of the A status we prove our position as supplier  for the food processing industry.

We hope that the extension of  this certification will be a reason for you to continue close cooperation with us or to start a cooperation with us. Should you require further information please do not hesitate to contact us at any time

Download the BRC Packaging certificate


18-02-2015 For the fourth time H. Jagtenberg Plastics obtains the A status for BRC-IoP.

On Wednesday the 18th of February 2015 the reinspection audit for BRC-IoP has taken place. The result is very positive, we have again 

achieved the A-status! A result to be proud of!

Download the BRC-IoP certificate


01-01-2015 Expansion warehouse finished.

In the last year we worked very hard to expand our warehouse at our production facility in The Netherlands.

By adding approx. 5.500 m2  the total storage within our location in Holland is now approx. 30.000 m2. With this expansion we hope to improve

our service towards you as our customers within the range of Just in Time deliveries and we will be able to keep our stock levels up to date.

Together with the expansion of our loading docks we can provide a quicker handling of our incoming and outgoing goods.