Basketry in Alphen

In 1920, the Jagtenberg family founded a basketry in Alphen. The baskets that were produced were in principle designed for different purposes. E.g. for fruits and vegetables and special baskets for visiting the market. At a later stage, the baskets were woven around bottles for protection. This type of packaging was mainly used for chemical products. A fast and skilled craftsman could produce about 1 basket per hour.

The start of H. Jagtenberg Plastics B.V. in Alphen

As there were many new market developments, and H. Jagtenberg Plastics B.V. had progressive ideas, especially for a replacement product for the baskets around the bottles, H. Jagtenberg Plastics B.V. was founded in 1965. There was a shift from woven packaging to blow moulded plastic packaging. Due to the commencement of production using this new technology, a new production location had to be chosen. A building was chosen on the Hul in Alphen (Gelderland). These premises were right across from the old family business where the woven products had been made for years. With the establishment of this company in 1965, H. Jagtenberg Plastics B.V. is one of Europe’s oldest extrusion blow moulding companies.

Present location in Heerewaarden

As the market for blown products grew larger and the site in Alphen Gld was too small, in the early eighties a larger location was found. In Herewaarden on the Hogewaard there was an old brick factory that had been in operation since 1883. These premises were situated on the N322 and appeared to be a good base for deliveries throughout Europe. The brick factory was largely demolished and a new building was erected. H. Jagtenberg Plastics B.V. are still located at these premises. This building has been expanded several times and therefore the premises at Hogewaard 12 are still the right location for the production of a wide range of hollow plastic products. Being centrally situated in the Netherlands, it is the perfect location for swift delivery of products to both local and international clients.

Wall to Wall production in Antwerp

In 2003, in talks with one of the bigger clients it was decided to start up a Wall to Wall production in the client’s production facility in Antwerp. Here, in collaboration with the technical professionals of H. Jagtenberg Plastics B.V., a number of products are blow moulded and filled and shipped directly by the client. In this way, a just-in-time delivery is guaranteed.

Start of Jagtenberg Crailsheim GmbH

In 2008, H. Jagtenberg Plastics B.V. acquired the company Kunststofftechnik Köhler GmbH in Crailsheim. At the production facility in southern Germany plastic products have been blow moulded for many years. With this acquisition and an expansion of its machinery, H. Jagtenberg Plastics B.V. is able to serve the markets of Southern Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria and Switzerland better and faster.