RPC Promens Industrial Jagtenberg

Welcome to RPC Promens Industrial Jagtenberg where experience and craftsmanship have been gone hand in hand for many years. Since 1965, we have been manufacturing high quality products from polyethylene (HDPE) with extrusion blow moulding technology.

Our experience goes back to the early application of this production technique. Initially, we started with the production of many varieties of packaging. In the course of the years the range has furthermore extended with a large number of technical articles.Today, we produce packaging products for various markets. The main markets of RPC Promens Industrial Jagtenberg are the chemical industry, culinary industries, and the fuel & engine oil industry.The various technical articles are often customised. These articles range from compost bins to foundation blocks and from traffic beacons to sand pit articles.

All our products meet the legal requirements. They are manufactured according to current industrial and environmental standards and are - according to their specific application - certified with the necessary marks of approval.